Flyby Over Harwood IslandThe Sliammon Development Corporation was established in 1995 to oversee economic development opportunities for the Tla’amin Nation. Since it’s inception SDC has expanded into many business arenas including: land development, forestry, aquaculture, retail, hospitality and tourism. You can find more information in our Business Portfolio.

The Tla’amin Nation is now an independent nation transitioning into self governance after the ‘final agreement’ of Treaty was approved on the 12th of July, 2012. The resulting transfer of lands and capital will create many economic opportunities for the Tla’amin people and business partnerships interested in helping us develop our lands. The benefits will come through employment opportunities for members and revenue streams for our government that will be reinvested in further development and infrastructure.

Additionally, the Tla’amin Nation has also engaged in protocol agreements, joint planning, and other initiatives with neighboring jurisdictions in order to strengthen relationships and allow for cooperation and collaboration on projects and initiatives aimed at bolstering economic growth within the region. 


The Sliammon Development Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 3 Council liaisons, 4 community elected seats, and 3 Board appointments that consist of various business professionals and other highly skilled or experienced individuals.


The aim of the Sliammon Development Corporation is to generate revenue streams to foster the economic and social betterment of Tla’amin people according to our Taow (teachings). Sliammon Development Corporation is committed to establishing a strong economic foundation and providing effective management of Tla’amin assets and resources through in-depth planning, strong leadership and administration, and strategic partnerships.


sidelogo3Our Vision

To be leaders in sustainable business in the region

Our Mission

To create responsible and profitable business enterprises

Our Values

  • Discipline (Klossum qwygon)
    Focus on the hard work necessary to ensure the best outcome for all.
  • Fairness (Thah uth xwen)
    Fair dealing and equal opportunity.
  • Honesty (Ganuxwet)
    Be truthful, sincere and transparent.
  • Integrity (Tiy hegon metam)
    Earn trust and confidence through actions to build a credible reputation.
  • Respect (Tees tahm)
    Honor our Ancestors and our connection to the land and a sustainable future for our children.
  • Sharing (Ah ah thum)
    Interdependence, cooperation, and partnership are what give us the strength to achieve great things together.

About SDC

Incorporated in 1995, Sliammon Development Corporation was created to engage in and oversee economic development for the Tla’amin Nation.

SDC has over 18 years of experience in conducting business, particularly in land development, forestry, aquaculture, retail, hospitality and tourism.