SDC Economic Governance Restructuring

Sliammon and SDC have undergone a restructuring exercise to reform and strengthen Sliammon’s economic governance structure. In accordance with the Tla’amin Economic Development Strategy, all Sliammon business ventures have been realigned for consistent reporting. The project has provided the necessary separation of band politics from the business operations of the Nation, and created a more suitable management structure for the corporation and its current and future subsidiaries.

That being said, SDC and its group of companies and partnerships are still subject to Tla’amin Nation laws and regulations. This project has enabled SDC to put its best foot forward when conducting business. Businesses have been structured as limited partnerships (LP’s) to minimize tax and liability exposure. The new structure will also improve accountability, transparency, monitoring, and reporting by all business entities.

The SDC board has also engaged in a strengthening exercise that has enhanced and realigned strategy, communication, and financial reporting for the group of companies and partnerships. Through this, roles have been further defined and reporting consolidated to boost communication and efficiency.

About SDC

Incorporated in 1995, Sliammon Development Corporation was created to engage in and oversee economic development for the Tla’amin Nation.

SDC has over 18 years of experience in conducting business, particularly in land development, forestry, aquaculture, retail, hospitality and tourism.